Hello there!

I'm a Game Designer living in Champaign, Illinois with 2+ years of professional industry experience.


My design and scripting talents are focused on delivering high-level systems and crafting mission/quest experiences. I like to bridge the gap between system creation and experience realization, i.e. using all the systems and mechanics to draw out the desired experience in a mission or quest. I also can work within a procedural or open gameplay environment.

The work environment that best suits me is one that encourages creative use of systems, has a focus on delivering noticeable gameplay, and has a team of enthusiastic individuals who like to share concepts and learn from one another.


Click on a project below for more information

Agents of Mayhem


Indie Side Project

Other Projects

Final Project for College, lots of Robots
One of the versions of Vectromirror
Game Jam title based on minigames, and cows
Hackathon Game for WWE, OH YEAHHHH
Mid-Project for College, lots of cyborgs
Don't make games without sleep kids
Global Jam with running bears. Go figure.
Ted didn't know how to make games

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